How are Marlon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr Related? They Come From a Legendary Family

Apparently, talent can be hereditary. At least, that's what anyone who's a fan of the Wayans family would probably tell you. The family has a long history in the comedy world and now one Wayans is adding another project to his resume. Marlon Wayans will host Funniest Wins , a TBS comedy competition that promises to include Marlon's own friends and family members as guests to help teach contestants different comedic styles. With so many famous Wayans out there, however, it can be hard to keep track of how exactly they are all related, and you might be wondering how one of the younger, more recently popular Wayans men fits into the hilarious puzzle, Happy Endings and New Girl star Damon Wayans Jr.

As his name suggests, Damon is not Marlon's son, but rather the son of Damon Wayans, Marlon's brother, which would make the New Girl star Marlon's nephew. Got all that? Maybe it will help to outline some of the various Wayans' bigger successes. The senior Damon starred in many classic comedy films and TV shows, including In Living Color, My Wife and Kids, and Major Payne, in addition to writing and producing many of his projects. He also had a pretty meta guest appearance on Happy Endings as the father of Brad, played by his real son, Damon Wayans Jr.

Marlon, Damon Sr.'s younger brother, is also known from a variety of popular films and TV shows, many of which he also produced and wrote. See? Talent runs in the family. Marlon also starred in In Living Color, as well as the first two Scary Movie films, White Chicks, A Haunted House, and much more. Oh, and since you're probably wondering, it was Shawn Wayans who co-starred with Marlon in White Chicks. Yes, he also has a whole bunch of acting, writing, and producing credits, but let's not get even more confused.

Right now, we're talking about how New Girl connects to Funniest Wins, and the answer is that Damon Wayans Jr., AKA Coach, is host Marlon Wayans' nephew. Each comedian is bound to have even more projects in the near future, but for now, you can catch Marlon when Funniest Wins premieres on June 20 at 10 p.m., and Damon Jr. when his new movie Let's Be Cops is released on Aug. 13, and of course, when New Girl returns this fall.

Image: ABC