Yasmin Le Bon is the New Face of Speedo at 49 Years Old, And She Kills It

More and more brands are ditching underage models in exchange for more mature women as their company's spokespeople, including Speedo who just named 49-year-old Yasmin Le Bon as the face of their new collection. Le Bon proves that just because her days of runway modeling are behind her doesn't mean she can't look killer in a swimsuit. In fact, some would even argue that she's never looked better.

I seriously can't believe this woman is almost 50! Do you see those stems?! The once high-fashion supermodel, whose career took off in the 1980s, has had three children since then (with Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran). But that hasn't stopped her from staying in shape. In the recent shoot, Le Bon shows off her svelte physique in an array of body-shaping swimsuits from Speedo's new collection.

This isn't Le Bon's first foray into swimsuit modeling. Over a decade ago, she was the face of Marks and Spencer swimwear in 2001. And while no one would argue that Le Bon looked stunning back then, I'd have to say she looks just as good 13 years later. So, what's her secret? Le Bon had these wise words to share: "After spending 33 years on the modeling circuit I have heard all of the tricks of the trade. The best advice I've received on looking your best in a swimsuit, is to wear it with confidence and a smile; it instantly changes your appearance."

So, listen and learn, ladies. Take note from Le Bon and smile with those swimsuits! Here are some more photos from the shoot.

Image: Yasmin Le Bon Official/Facebook