Introducing the One, the Only: 'Naked Dating'

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if all of your first dates... were naked? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore thanks to VH1's new show Dating Naked. This show is everything that you think it is. Two people go on a date... and they are naked. These dates seem pretty limited in options, though — not many bars are psyched about having patrons make small talk over whiskeys in their birthday suits. (Plus, there's that whole other factor of EVERYBODY STARING.)

This show, which seems to be an extreme social experiment, appears to do a couple of things. For one thing, it practices extremism (NAKED DATING!!! BALLS OUT — LITERALLYI!). It also could be a social protest against clothing and stereotypes ("Ugh, I hated his polo shirt. What a bro!"). It also flips the idea of "doin' it to see the other person naked!" on its head — these folks have already seen the other person in the flesh, so there's no curiosity anymore. They can just talk as people. As naked people.

But there's that whole no-curiosity thing — isn't that part of the excitement of the early stages of dating? Undressing someone for the first time? Or are clothes simply a barrier, and just a way to evade the better parts of small talk — Hey, I love your shirt! Cool circumcision, too.

Check out the short teaser (although really, what's to tease) for the new reality dating series, which premieres on July 17, below.

Image: Youtube