This Demi Lovato & Ed Sheeran Duet Is Incredible

We were all a bit disappointed back in April when Demi Lovato covered Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" and the performance was less than overwhelming. While it certainly wasn't bad — really, with that voice, could Lovato ever be bad? — it wasn't anything special, just a good but predictable cover of a pretty song. Earlier this week, though, the singer had a chance to redeem herself, when, at the Hollywood Bowl, she dueted with Sheeran on a live version of "Give Me Love." The result? Forget about that early cover, or even Sheeran's original — this is how "Give Me Love" is supposed to be sung.

While at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl for 104.3 MYfm's My Big Night Out, Lovato joined Sheeran, who was performing a set, onstage for a duet of the song. Something about singing alongside the "Give Me Love" writer must've brought something out in Lovato, because her vocals were on point. It was the singer at her absolute best, pouring her heart out and, with Sheeran's help, turning the lovely "Give Me Love" into something incredible.

The whole duet is fantastic, but its the singers' performance of the song's bridge that'll blow you away. It starts building around 3:23 and culminates at 3:40, when Sheeran's guitar and Lovato's vocals combine in a chilling, emotional moment. It's a powerhouse performance by both singers, one that's sure to be a game-changer in how the two of them are viewed by critics and fans alike. It's just that good.

What's crazy, though? Sheeran explained that he'd only practiced with Lovato for five minutes beforehand, while in his dressing room. We're not sure if that makes us more envious or impressed, but we do know that whatever went into making this "Give Me Love" duet so good, we hope it happens again. A lot.

Watch the performance below:

Image: @Mashable/Twitter