Take a Look At Syrian President Assad's Instagram

Bashar al-Assad, the president of war-torn Syria, joined Instagram last week using the handle @syrianpresidency. Unsurprisingly, the portrait Assad paints of himself courtesy of Amaro and X-Pro II is one of a strong, important, caring leader beloved by his citizens.

In actuality, Assad is accused of waging chemical warfare against his own people. (The account was launched around the same time the Syrian civil war's death toll surpassed 100,000.)

Take a look at some of President Assad's grams.

Here's Assad visiting a military hospital.

And here he is greeting supporters outside Parliament.

This is Assad's wife doing an activity with schoolchildren.

More of Assad's Instagrams can be viewed @syrianpresidency. As of Wednesday afternoon, the account has almost 5,000 followers.

(Images via @syrianpresidency on Instagram)