Are J. Law & N. Houtlz Still Together?

Resident BFF of the world's populace, Jennifer Lawrence, seems to bare most of her soul on late night talk shows and in candid interviews. She muses about uneven breasts, recants incidents where she peed herself, and re-enacts embarrassing celebrity encounters like when she was dance-dissed by Jennifer Lopez. But, the one and seemingly only thing J. Law likes to keep personal is her romantic life. The Academy Award winning actress doesn't hold many things back, but it's clear how important her relationship with actor and X-Men co-star, Nicholas Hoult, is to her by the way she doesn't often mention him in interviews. This is why it can be hard to figure out if Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are still dating. Newsflash: They are!

Lawrence and Hoult have publicly split once, back in January of 2013, not due to any personal troubles but because of their hectic lives that had them on completely opposite schedules. They reconciled, though, and were back together later on in the year. But what about now? Are they or aren't they? Luckily, we did the digging ourselves and as it turns out, the answer wasn't too difficult to find. In an unprecedented break from her usual tight-lipped resolve when it comes to Hoult, she revealed some cute facts about him and called him her boyfriend (so, there) in an interview with Marie Claire in May. When asked about her preference in men, Lawrence hilariously divulged,

'Looks can go pretty far. Nobody can deny a beautiful face. Fortunately, I have one.' Understanding her mistake and how she just made herself look incredibly conceited, she corrected herself with fervor, 'Oh, no! I mean my boyfriend! I didn't mean my face! Oh, my God! I meant I'm with somebody who has a beautiful face.'

They're an atypical Hollywood relationship which is why is can be so easy to speculate that the two aren't together. Lawrence doesn't bring him to many events and when he is making public appearances with her, he's generally silently supporting her rather than drawing attention to himself. You know, like a real, healthy relationship between two non-super famous people. She has repeatedly expressed that above all else, Hoult is her best friend, which is absolutely adorable and why we'll always root for these two down-to-Earth celebs to make it.

Plus, we love seeing J. Law go all mama bear and flip off the paparazzi for intruding on their dates.