'Orange Is The New Black' Blooper Reel Shows What Really Goes on at Litchfield — VIDEO

You're either deep into binge-watching Orange Is The New Black Season 2, or you've finished and you're like, WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, tearing your hair out in solitary confinement as though you are in the SHU. So! Here's a momentary solution for that rage. You can watch this Orange Is The New Black blooper reel. It's from Season 1, so it's an excellent opportunity to re-live the season that made you fall in binge-watch love with the women at Litchfield, and it's all the better if you haven't started binging on Season 2 yet. (The bloopers are spoiler-free. Woohoo!).

As you might expect, it looks like the ladies (and men!) who inhabit the halls of Litchfield are actually having a great time working together. In fact, they burst out into laughter an awful lot — especially Taylor Schilling, who gets the giggles on quite a few occasions. Bottom line: it's fun to see that even though shit is real dark in the series and the women are often at each other's tits and eyeballs, they obviously are a tight-knit cast.

Check it out below! And then you may resume wherever you are in your binge-watching session.


Image: Netflix