First 'Almost Royal' Photos Make the BBC America Show Look Like a Must-Watch — PHOTOS

Sad that Orphan Black is ending and not sure what to do when you turn on BBC America? Fortunately for you Anglophiles, the network has a new show headed your way. While it's not a sci-fi on-the-edge-of-your-seat kinda thriller with clones, and while it doesn't have a Police Box or Benedict Cumberbatch, it does have... a "royal" family. Prepare to get even more excited when you see these first photos from Almost Royal.

In case you need a brief synopsis, it's about two siblings, George and Poppy Carlton (played by Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart), who pretend to be distantly related to the royal family. These two allow a camera crew to follow them, Borat-style, as they travel around the US and film how people react to "royals."

As mentioned earlier, the network has had tremendous success with sci-fi shows— the geek crowd (myself included) practically bows down to the channel. The network kicks ass when it comes to creating compelling plot lines and characters, so it's pretty likely that this show will be solid. Plus, we know the Brits have a knack for satire, and it sounds like Americans will get a healthy dose of their own Anglophile medicine, while Brits will get equally skewered, too.

So! It's high time to check out these photos, and be sure to indulge in your Anglophilia when the series premieres on Saturday, June 21.

Image: BBC America