9 Nat Wolff Moments That Prove He's the Best

Forget Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters — in real life, it's all about Isaac. What I really mean is, it's all about The Fault in Our Stars' Nat Wolff. Ahead of the film's release, Wolff and TFiOS author John Green won us over with their bromance and Bustle writer Rachel Simon predicted that the film would make Wolff a huge star. And sure, both of those things helped make the 19-year-old actor more visible in the public eye, but his offscreen personality on the TFiOS press tour is what really allowed him to shine.

The entire TFiOS cast has something going for them — Shailene Woodley has her wood nymph-like lifestyle (and the fact that she bursts into uncontrollable tears like nobody's business) and Ansel Elgort's got the whole, "I'm a heartthrob, but I don't even know it," thing. But Wolff's schtick really stands out — the former Nickelodeon star has unapologetic, perfectly timed sarcasm that will make you laugh even after you've just spent 126 minutes sobbing while watching the film. He's frank and it's charming — especially when he's poking fun at Elgort. Basically, where Woodley was the stand-out performance of the film, Wolff is the stand-out star of TFiOS' press tour and it's awesome.

So, if you're still crying from your June 6 viewing of The Fault in Our Stars, here are nine Nat Wolff moments that will cheer you up. Seriously, it'll work.

1. Calling Out Ansel Elgort For Always Crying


2. Not Sugarcoating It

I mean, that is the point, right?

3. This Red Carpet Attack

Why not get a piggyback ride down the red carpet?

4. When He Joked About His TFiOS Souvenirs

He just wanted them, alright?

5. On Which TFiOS Character He'd Want To Have Lunch With

I mean, "Always," is a promise.

6. Honesty, At Its Finest

Sometimes it's just awkward.

7. #Nansel


8. Basically Spoiling TFiOS

I mean, it is.

Sad face.

9. Calling Out Ansel, Again — And Walking Off Stage

It's all about Nat Wolff, people. So get with it.

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