'The Voice': 30 Years Later

You guys. Blake Shelton misses Shakira and Usher. AWWWW-dorable. I feel you, Shelton. I feel you. Of course I'm stoked about Gwen Stefani and Pharrell (they are excellent additions to the judging panel), but I'm never not bummed whenever any of The Voice coaches leave. They're a faaaaaamily!

BUT! It looks like I don't have to worry about Shelton ever bouncing. According to CMT.com, Shelton says he wouldn't leave his Voice chair for a season only to come back again. AND! He also says he always wants to do the show. I may be making a leap, but it sort of sounds like as long as there's a Voice, Shelton will be there with bells on.

A thought: What if the show lasted, I don't know, another 30 years? Would Shelton be willing to stick around? Another thought: What if the show lasted another 30 years, and all eight coaches returned and stuck with it? What a dream. A girl can dream, yeah? ALL EIGHT COACHES! OH! And Carson Daly, of course. I can see it now: Eight chairs. Decades of seasons under their belts. Everyone's won at least once. An infinite amount of inside jokes.

Sure, that'd be a lot of Voice for us to watch. And yes, that'd be a lot of Voice for the coaches to coach. But it is rather fun to think about. Uh oh. My imagination is going into overdrive. Can't stop, won't stop.

The Voice: 30 Years Later

Blake Shelton

He'll still do that finger pointing move. (And yeah, the crowd will still love it.) He'll switch out whatever booze that might've been in his Starbucks cup once upon a time with V8 (he'll say it helps with digestion).

Adam Levine

His top of choice: a sweater vest, no undershirt. He'll be as energetic as he was Season 1.

CeeLo Green

He'll run out of animals to rent, so he'll cuddle a blender during his confessional segments. His wardrobe inspiration: Shelton. Before every episode, he'll find out what Shelton is going to wear, and he'll purchase an identical outfit.

Christina Aguilera

She'll trade her handheld fan for a wind machine. Go big or go home.


Whenever anyone asks her to do her infamous hip moves, she'll flip the bird and say, "that's what VEVO is for." And then she'll cackle, stand up, and do The Chicken Dance. It'll be a hit every time.


He won't prop his foot up on his chair anymore (the chair will be too high). He'll kick his legs up on a small ottoman instead.

Gwen Stefani

Whenever the coaches perform, she'll break out a back handspring. Ya know, to show 'em she's still got it.


Pharrell will look exactly like he did 30 years ago. This shouldn't be a surprise: The man does not age.

Carson Daly

He'll keep a yardstick in his free hand to thwack coaches who ramble on too much during the live shows. It'll work like a charm.

Okay. I have to stop now. Otherwise, I'll spend all night thinking about how the Instant Save will evolve over the years.

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