All The Short Overalls you need to Channel Your Inner Child this summer

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Short overalls defined your childhood, right? Paired best with a velour cap, some high-top sneakers, and a shirt 'round your waist, the dungaree short-all was the wardrobe staple of your kindergarten class circa 1995. And yes, they were properly referred to at “dungarees.” All summer, you lived in these bibbed denim wonders. They were perfect for climbing trees and riding your bike and just about every form of child’s play that could result in a scraped knee. Sigh. The short overall: a symbol of a simpler and happier time.

But fret not, for the shorterall is getting a second trend wind. Like so many ‘90’s trends, the short overalls have come back with a vengeance. People are wearing them everywhere! From bloggers, to mall rats, to fashion designers, everybody’s rocking this throwback item. We’re in the midst of the dungaree overall takeover part deux! So if you’re itching to get back into the patron uniform of your happy childhood, look no further than the options we’ve found. They combine whimsy, comfort, and just enough classic cool to keep you stylish for plenty of summer fun! Slap on some jellies, you’re your Lisa Frank backpack, and hit the streets. You’re a kidult. It’s time you started dressing like one.

Image: Topshop

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