Kristin Chenoweth & Lea Michele Sing A Duet So Emotional We Bet You Can't Help But Shed a Tear — VIDEO

What happens when the incomparable Kristin Chenoweth and mega-talented Lea Michele do a live duet together at the Hollywood Bowl? Tears. Lots of em'. Not that their insanely beautiful voices don't usually render us emotionally unstable, but their performance of "For Good," from the Chenoweth-starred musical Wicked, was especially sentimental for a few reasons. The first and most obvious reason being unabashed and heartfelt fangirling. On a more serious note though, the real grounds for sobbing came when Michele took a moment to laud the Broadway sensation before belting the tune. She shed some insight into their friendship, explaining how Chenoweth's encouraging words got her through the horrific loss she suffered last year.

"Last summer I got an email from Kristin and she said that music will heal everything. And at the time, I really didn't quite get how that could be possible, but it really did. And so a year later, to be here on this stage singing with her, is such a blessing and such an honor."

Unsurprisingly, Michele's introduction left Chenoweth blubbering like the rest of us but the Glee star didn't let the mood turn sour. She brightened the moment by declaring, "Get it together, Chenoweth! We've gotta sing!" Leave it to Rachel Berry's alter ego to make sure the show powers on. And power on they did. Their rendition of the beloved track was haunting not only because of the magnitude of their talent, but because the message "For Good," seeks to relay, of the irreparable impact one friend's life has on another's, took on a new meaning after Michele's poignant anecdote. You could quite literally feel the lyrics as they sang them, regardless if you didn't previously know the words by heart or not. And it was most apparent in their wavering voices that the track had choked them up a bit as well. It's hard not to feel so affected when life imitates art so powerfully.

We dare you to view the introduction and performance below without crying.

Disclaimer: You can't.

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