Lea Michele Tweets Again, Steps Out Wearing "Cory" Necklace

Glee star Lea Michele continues to put on a brave face following the news of boyfriend Cory Monteith's death earlier this month. The actress, who remained silent for weeks after Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room from a heroin and alcohol overdose, not only released her first tweet acknowledging his death Tuesday, but has continued tweeting with a heart-warming message on her Twitter feed.

Though Michele's message on Tuesday directly referenced her late boyfriend and co-star of the hit Fox series, her mot recent tweet was far more subtle, responding to fans' concern about her well-being following Monteith's passing. (In the days after the actor's death, #PrayForLea even became a trending topic on the social media network.) Tweeted Michele on Wednesday:

But her words aren't the only thing that has gone public in recent days. The actress herself was spotted by photographers smiling and sporting a brand-new charm: A necklace that read "Cory." (Seems when the actress said Tuesday that Monteith would be "forever in my heart," she meant forever by her heart.)

Chances are photographers will be taking plenty more shots of Michele in the coming weeks — the actress' cast mate Naya Rivera confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! that Season 5 of Glee will resume shooting Aug. 5 after being put on hold following Monteith's death.