Ariana Grande's "Break Free" Is Inspired by the Future, But What Does That Mean?

If you've been following Ariana Grande on Twitter, then you know that she has started the countdown clock on the ten days until her next single comes out. "Break Free" is succeeding "Problem" as the next single off her next album and, from the concept art, it seems like the two songs couldn't be more different. Where "Problem" was a perfect blend of old fashioned and modern, of feminine go-go dancing with a hard twist of Iggy Azalea rap, Grande's "Break Free" is going to feature Zedd and take us to the future — at least if the concept art is to be believed.

Grande has been dropping hints about the theme behind the song all weekend. As a follow up to her Instagram photo of herself wearing a futuristic bustier and holding a gun, Grande has tweeted a Photoshopped picture of herself with blue and green hair that makes her look, as one fan commented, like a "galactic space princess". She then tweeted a picture of an alien waiting, saying that the alien represented her Arianators waiting for "Break Free" to, well, break free.

In light of all that, it seems more and more like we can expect "Break Free" to be entirely futuristic in theme if not in concept.

So what is "Break Free" actually going to be about? Well, the options here are endless.

Reaching for the Stars

The most obvious answer is that the breaking free referenced in the title is the metaphor that Grande will be using for reaching for the stars. "Break Free" could be an anthem to anyone and everyone who has ever felt like they were being held back or who were afraid to try something new because of how they would be received for other people.

Falling in Love with an Alien

The futuristic bustier that Grande wore in her Instagram photo was designed by Katy Perry's stylist, which makes me immediately think of Perry's "E.T." Perhaps Grande's song is an homage or even a sequel to that, a sci-fi love story about the alien you can't look away from who will help you "Break Free" of earthly expectations.

Exploring the Galaxy

On the other hand, considering "Problem" was a love song, maybe Grande wants to do something different and release a single about traveling the world (or, in this case, the universe) and enjoying the single life. Grande writes pretty epic love songs, but that doesn't have to be the only thing she writes.

None of the Above

Go-go dancing and old fashioned jukeboxes had very little, if anything at all, to do with the topic of "Problem", even if they made up the concept art and music video. Grande could be teasing what the music video is about rather than the single, which means we won't know anything until nine days from now. Sneaky, sneaky, Ariana Grande.

Image: Tumblr (1; 2; 3; 4)