What Do We Know About Her Next Single?

You're probably not done playing "Problem" on repeat, but Ariana Grande is already on to the next thing. Grande has never been the kind of artist who was ever content to sit still, whether it's her active Twitter presence, her role as one of the co-leads on Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat, or doing back-to-back interviews until her voice is hoarse, so why would she be any different in her music? Although Grande's single "Problem" with Iggy Azalea was the hot track of the summer, her next single seems to be on a completely different level. It's been confirmed that Grande's second single is called "Break Free" and it's even 'badder' than "Problem".

When "Problem" was first in the works, Grande received some backlash over her sexy "Problem" photo shoot and her decision to work with Iggy Azalea, who's known for doing music that's a lot more mature than we were used to from Grande. Seriously, a lot more mature. However, the two artists worked amazingly well together, with Azalea softening her edges for Grande's young fans and Grande stepping up to prove that she can do more adult music for her older fans. There's no word yet on what "Break Free" is about or what it will sound like, but if the Instagram picture Grande threw up as a preview is any indication then it's going to be more futuristic than "Problem".

"Problem" was all go-go boots and old school jukebox with a modern flair, but in this picture, captioned "coming soon", Grande is wearing a silver, futuristic-looking bustier and holding a steampunk-esque gun. The outfit was designed by Katy Perry's stylist, Johnny Wujek, which is all I need to believe that "Break Free" might be at least partially inspired by Perry's "E.T." in style if not in sound.

The single will be released in July and there's no one who's more excited to have it out in the world than Grande, who tweeted on Monday, "I'm so excited for u to hear the rest of this album. I've genuinely never been more excited. love u & thank u for letting me do what I love!"

So will "Break Free" be better than "Problem"? At the moment, we don't know enough about it to be able to tell, but Grande has probably earned our undying trust and devotion by now. She has yet to have a single that has been widely panned by critics or fans and she's at the top of her game right now. I can't imagine any song beating out "Problem" in my heart or on my iTunes playlist, but if anyone can achieve the impossible then it's Ariana Grande. Unless, of course, it's the song that Grande has been working on with Justin Bieber. Then you might not be able to hear it over the sound of your pained groan.

Image: arianagrande/Instagram