'The Fosters' "Take Me Out" Promo Inspired Us: Predictions For Everyone From Callie To Brandon

Are you surprised? ABC Family's The Fosters Season 2 premiered on Monday and it took off with a running start. Okay, it was more like they shot the plot out of a cannon, but it was a huge episode with an even bigger reveal — that Kerr Smith's Robert Quinn has been following Callie and Bailee Madison is her sister. So now what? That's what I asked myself as the promo for Episode 2, "Take Me Out," was airing following the premiere. How long will it take for Callie to meet her long-lost family and will we find out whether or not Mike killed Ana? The "Take Me Out" synopsis that we're in for an equally huge second episode and The Fosters Season 2 has absolutely no intention of slowing itself down.

Fosters fans were set up for a lot of Season 2's drama during the show's premiere last Monday: Brandon has 95 percent mobility in his fingers (great, but not so great); Jesus is being all weird about Emma's personality; Callie is going to have to meet her dad; and apparently, Mike is now a murderer with a manipulative, live-in girlfriend. Big stuff, people. Huge stuff. And a handful of those storylines will get some screen time on Monday night. Here's ABC Family's synopsis for Monday's "Take Me Out":

And, before I get into my theories on what's going to go down on Monday night, here's the detail-packed "Take Me Out" promo:

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You're pumped — I know you are. So, what does our favorite new family have going against it in Episode 2? And what is the deal with Callie's mysterious stranger?

Theory 1: Callie's Sister Knows About Her

We already know that Robert Quinn knows about Callie because I'm going to assume that her employment wasn't included on those abandonment papers that Stef sent him. But, judging by the photo of Bailee Madison that Callie has in the promo and the fact that there's all this mysterious stranger talk, I have to assume Madison's character knows about her too. Quinn wouldn't put his fulltime daughter in a position to have this dumped on her — the only question is, when will they have to meet face-to-face?

Theory 2: Brandon's Getting This Surgery

As much as I want Brandon to get his talent back because I can't look at his surly face anymore, he's going to go through with this remedial hand surgery. And he's going to lose it altogether and have to move on — with Ashley Argota's Lou and this band that the Foster kids are going to see on Monday night. Stef is the ultimate hands-on parent — so I can see her and Lena's argument being over Lena telling Brandon that he should do what he feels is right for him. We know Stef doesn't want him to push for more mobility, but Brandon's going to do it anyway. And it won't go well.

Theory 3: Jesus & Emma Are Breaking Up

I don't know what Jesus' problem with Emma is — I mean, he broke up with Lexi in the shittiest way possible because he really loved Emma and wanted to be with her last season. And now he's acting like she's some type of unreasonable human being. On Monday, he was afraid to tell her that he was going out with his friends for a reason unbeknownst to any of us, because she seems like she's totally cool and independent aside from losing her friends to be in this relationship. So, because Jesus is being a jerk, one of them is going to pull the plug.

Theory 4: Mike Hit Ana

"I blacked out" is so not a good excuse — especially for a grown-ass adult who is also a police officer. Brandon already let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that Mike had blood on his hands and Stef's slowly gathering her intel. Yes, Mike's denying it — but the evidence is there and he'll have to come clean eventually. Which is really shitty, considering he's the reason he and Stef are in this position with Ana in the first place. I'm not saying he killed her, but I am saying he got some swings in to scare the living daylights out of her and get her out of town. Not exactly "Father of the Year" material.

Image: ABC Family