The Twitter-Meets-Tinder Dating App

If you’re sick of selecting lovers based on appearance (so superficial, amirite) or just tired of swiping left (sorry Tinder), perhaps it’s time you tried Loveflutter, a new dating app. Branded by TechCrunch as the "quirky Tinder,” the app pairs people together based on a short personal statement instead of photos. A 140-characters-or-less personal statement, to be more specific That’s right: thanks to Loveflutter, your dating success may now be correlated with your tweeting prowess.

So how does it work? Picture the format of Tinder, but instead of scanning through shirtless mirror selfies, you’re perusing personal statements or “quirky facts.” It’s only after a prolonged press of the screen that the blurred-out image of the Loveflutter profile becomes crisp and the person behind the fact is revealed.

Fans of the power trip afforded by Tinder need not fear, as Loveflutter operates similarly. It’s swipe up to “Pass,” swipe down to “Like,” and a reciprocal match is needed to proceed. Presumably an intellectual or emotional match of sorts.

As Loveflutter’s co-founder, Diago Smith, told TechCrunch: “By focusing simply on looks you’re risking a date with awkward silence, we’ve all been there! Loveflutter’s focus on two types of attraction, reading an interesting fact first before revealing a photo, gives you an insight into personality before looks.” I’m not sure Smith is clued-in to how or why most people use Tinder, but it’s true: by shunning a photo-centric approach, Loveflutter definitely adds much-needed depth to the online dating game. Hilariously, Loveflutter first required users to take a test to see if they were "quirky-interesting" enough for the app. They've since removed this requirement and broadened their user demographic beyond just Manic Pixie Dream Girls and Tortured Artists.

As the co-founder explained to Mashable: "Using the interest graph as the matching foundation makes it easier to break the ice on your first date because you’ll have more to talk about." Yes, and what better way to begin a first date than with some graph interpretation.

Creepily, Loveflutter doesn’t just help you find a match, but actually delves into your technological history to help suggest a meet-up location. Should you begin messaging a prospective date, the app will use data from the location-based app Foursquare to find a convenient spot for you both to meet. God forbid you expend more than 140 characters deciding that for yourself. Loveflutter calls this frightening feature “Suggest-a-Date” and believes it is an “untouched space in terms of functionality,” as Smith told TechCrunch. Yes — and untouched for good reason.

Long story short, if you’re the kind of person who tweets about breakfast cereal or your bowel movements, it’s time to up the ante. With Loveflutter, witty tweeters will be rewarded in the love game...or at least find like-minded individuals.