'PLL' Theory Suggests Wren Shot Ezra But We're Not So Sure

We’ve heard tons of crazy Pretty Little Liar theories and at this point, we have no idea what to believe anymore. There is a theory making its way around the Internet that Wren was actually the one on the roof who shot Ezra, but we are pretty convinced that this theory is completely factitious. While you’re never 100 percent sure about what’s actually happening on the show, I'm pretty confident that Shana was the person on the roof at the end of last season.

In case you’re completely behind on what’s happened so far in Season 5, Ezra was recently shot on a rooftop after exclaiming, “I know who you are,” to a mysterious hooded “A.” After ending up in the hospital, he wakes up for a split second and whispers something in Aria’s ear. She then rushes to the girls and Shana is already there with a gun to Ali’s head. (Although, at this point, is it really surprising that everyone wants Ali dead? She’s the worst.) We are led to believe Ezra told her it was Shana who was on the roof and that was who shot him.

But because we know this show won't let us jump to conclusion and stick with them, let's assess each of these prominent shooter theories:

Proof That Shana Shot Ezra

Wren has been M.I.A. for a while now, but last week provided some clues to his whereabouts. Apparently, Toby took a quick trip to London to find Melissa (we still aren’t sure why), but instead found Wren in her apartment. Wren tells Toby that Melissa was in Rosewood. We don’t have an exact timeline, but it would be pretty hard for Wren to come to Rosewood, shoot Ezra, and take off again.

Creator, I. Marlene King also hinted in an interview, with The Hollywood Reporter, that we would find out who Ezra’s shooter was in the beginning of the season. Unless there is a major plot twist in the next two weeks, it’s safe to assume that she meant for us to believe it was Shana on the roof.

Proof That Wren Shot Ezra

The identity of “A” changes on a seasonal basis. People disappear and reappear randomly throughout the show (we're talking to you, Lucas) and right when you think you know exactly what’s happening, the storyline completely changes. Season 5 has barely begun and Aria has already killed someone, so you know we are in for more twists and turns along the way, which leads us to believe that there is a slight chance this farfetched theory is completely plausible.

In the first episode Melissa proves that she's still on the “A” team. In fact, she looks like she’s the leader of the pack when she walks into the secret meeting of Mona’s minions. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Melissa had ordered Wren to do her dirty work. He’s always been at the Hastings' beck and call.

Luckily, with King’s promise we won’t have to wait long for this theory to reveal itself, if it hasn’t already. Plus, we really wouldn’t mind more time with Wren onscreen. (Who could resist that impeccable British accent?)

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