Does anyone else feel a little let down? Sure, we went into Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere knowing that we'd find out who "A" was. And, by extension, find out who shot Ezra during the Season 4 finale. But are we so sure that they're the same person? Ezra told Aria, while gasping for breath that Shana was "A" — but did Shana shoot him? Personally, I don't think so and when you think about it, it'd be totally logical for that not to be true.

First, Ezra nor the liars actually saw the face of the hooded, masked figure that shot him. Because, well, whoever pulled the trigger was wearing an opaque mask. Ezra threatened that he knew who they were and Hanna threatened to shoot them if they didn't reveal themselves — neither threat came to any fruition. So, we really have no idea who the shooter was and absolutely no confirmation that it was apparently crazy-Shana behind that mask.

While we're at it with the detective work. The second irrefutable fact from Tuesday night's premiere is that, when Ali, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are ambushed in the (obviously fake) NYC park there are at least 15 black hoodie-clad "A" Team members. And any one of them could've been Shana or the person who shot Ezra — thus making it impossible to deduce that the shooter and Shana are one in the same.

So now what? Shana's dead, so it'll be impossible to get a confession out of her now as to whether or not she gunned Ezra down. Personally, I have a hard time believing that she was able to scale a building like that. (Even if she was a competitive high school swimmer once.) And with all of those "A"s running around NYC and Pretty Little Liars being the show that it is — I have an even harder time believing that the "A" mystery could be solved that easily. Especially now that PLL has been renewed for Season 6 and 7.

Will we ever really know who shot Ezra Fitz? Maybe two seasons from now. Sigh.

Image: ABC Family