This Dude's 'Game Of Thrones' Impressions Will Transport You Right Back To Westeros — VIDEOS

If you've been missing Game Of Thrones since it said its goodbye for the year, we've got some good and bad news: The bad news is that it won't be back for a really long time, but the good news is that this one guy does a really good impression of Game Of Thrones characters. He also adds his own little commentaries in the characters' voices! It's delightful!

Some days it feels like the Internet's just a giant, sprawling party. Some of it's the intense, Mountain Dew-fueled place where you spend 48 hours straight playing Dungeons & Dragons before stumbling bleary-eyed to school on Monday; sometimes it's the kind of highbrow cocktail party where people brag about not owning TVs; sometimes it's a mass kegger full of people slurring incomprehensible nonsense. But among all the rabble, sometimes people have really cool party tricks, like being able to do great impressions of fictional characters like Jon Snow, Varys, Ser Jorrah, and many more.

These impressions come from Steve Love, whose YouTube channel also boasts some serviceable Breaking Bad impressions and a sketch centered around "Westerosi Harmony," a Westeros dating site. The latter includes Jon Snow trying to explain his weird Catelyn Stark mommy issues. Enjoy.

Image: DrSteveLove/Youtube