7 Less Offensive Things Khloe Shoulda Worn

by Christine Cauthen

If you've been on the Internet recently, you've surely heard about the fashion-forward, festival-themed first birthday party for the one and only North West. Kidchella was epic, at least according to the many Instagram posts that depicted quite the fete for a barely 1-year-old baby. North was joined by her parents, aunts, and family friends including Jaden Smith. Her aunt Kourtney's backyard was transformed into a mini Indio, California, ferris wheel and all.

Music festivals are everything to me. I would love to go to Coachella, I'm a Bonnaroo enthusiast, and smaller festivals get me just as excited, so naturally my heart melted when I saw the precious Kidchella wristbands and ode to music festival culture. Unfortunately some of those who indulge in festival culture still haven't gotten the clue that exploiting other cultures for "fashion" reasons is NOT okay. Apparently, Khloe Kardashian is one of those still hanging on. In her Instagram caption for the photo above, Kardashian says "#Kidchella my first Coachella!" Maybe she's unfamiliar with the critiques that have fallen on festival-goers (sometimes) deaf ears, but Khlo-Khlo, I had so much more hope for you. Instead of following in her offensively-laced shoes, I found seven hair accessories that would have been just as cute at Kidchella, without the insensitivity.

1. Metallic Chiffon Braided Headwrap Set

These delicate braids would look so great draped upon Kardashian's ombre waves. The gold chain woven within the pink braid adds a touch of glamour to this simplistic accessory. ($6.50,

2. Candy Spiked Headband

For an edgier look, the bluntest of the Kardashians could have invested in this bargain of an accessory. Gold cone-shaped studs are accented with your choice of black, lavender, orange, white, blue, pink and matte gold studs. ($1.99 each, Domino Dollhouse)

3. Leaf Fringe Goddess Chain Headwrap

This leaf covered hair chain is more elaborate, and definitely embodies the boho look of festival fashion Kardashian was probably going for. ($20, Urban Outfitters)

4. Travel Stories Headband

For a cross between a headwrap and a headband, look no further than this headband from Anthropologie. It's on the pricier side, but the metal links and bold, multicolored beads are bright, colorful and classy. And something tells us she could probably swing the splurge. ($128,

5. AEO Marled Beanie

This oversized beanie might be hot in the harsh sun of Cali, but surely isn't any hotter than the faux headdress that she carried atop her hair. It's a cozier option for Kardashian — and any other festival-goers thinking about wearing any culture-appropriating items. ($11.99, American Eagle Outfitters)

6. Barrette Hair Chain

To emphasize her pretty locks, this hair chain serves as an ornament, adding another layer to her hair, this time in gold chains. Can you say "festival princess?" ($12, Etsy)

7. Neon Flower Crown

Forever 21 has a plethora of cheap-n-trendy hair accessories, most of which are perfect for festivals. This flower crown is the holy grail hair accessory for basically every summer festivity. ($3.80,

Main Image: @khloekardashian/Instagram