Cape May Shark Grabs Bait Right Off A Boat, Becomes A YouTube Sensation — VIDEO

In a scene straight out of Jaws, a great white shark grabbed bait right off a boat in Cape May — and the whole thing was caught on YouTube, because of course it was. Just as casually as you might dip off of your friend's plate at a restaurant, the shark sidled up to the side of the boat, circled it for 20 minutes, ripped off the chum bag, and went to town.

New Jersey fisherman Steve Clark was out in a 35-foot boat in Cape May, lending a hand to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by tagging mako sharks. So, well, okay, Clark was chumming for mako sharks to begin with, which sounds like risky business. But Clark got a lot more than he bargained for when a 16-foot great white showed up instead of a 10-foot mako.

Thank God for the YouTube age, because the entirety of the shark's snack time was caught on camera by a person much braver than me. Do you know where I would be? Probably passed out on the floor of the boat, but all the better, because as an unidentified voice on the YouTube video warned: "He is gorgeous or she. It could be a she. Watch out. He could come out. Get back. Get back. You guys are nuts."

Nuts, indeed. Check out this sequence of events.

Alright, that's definitely a great white. Did you know they have two inch teeth? I think I would be backing off from the film making by this point.

That is someone's hand. SOMEONE'S HAND. Haven't you seen shark movies?! Sharks can jump.

Oh. My. God. I cannot. And this person still hasn't stopped the trigger-happy-shark photo shoot. This is honestly changing from admiration to terror in a shockingly short span.

Soooo, hand is gone. Naturally. But if you'll notice, the shark is right by your boat, mouth poised to nom whatever it sees fit, and LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU.

This is like all of those times that I've yelled at people in horror films for making bad decisions, like running upstairs when the killer is in the house. Except this is real life and a real set of chompers.

If for any reason I was still this close to the edge by this point, that shark would be covered in vomit.

Yeah, that was a bag of chum that the shark just pulled under. But it COULD HAVE BEEN YOU, YOU CRAZY PEOPLE.

And with that, the shark is done. Swimming away into the murk...until next time.

Watch the whole video:

Images: YouTube/TIME