Does Jax Have A New Girlfriend?

Between the XCALIBUR shoe/sweater line and his eventful love life, Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor be keepin' busy during the off-season. Being the Vanderpump nut I am, I like to check in with the cast on a semi-regular basis (i.e., pore over their social media accounts) and see what they're up to (is this a healthy habit? I don't know. I'm not a doctor). One noteworthy development: It looks like Taylor has moved on from Carmen Dickman and is now getting his canoodle on with ex-girlfriend Tiffany Matthews. It's unconfirmed, but all signs point to Coupletown, USA.

No, this isn't exactly breaking Vandernews: Back in May, stories popped up about Taylor and Matthews rekindling their flame. Even so, I kept the reports at arm's length. I was skeptical. "Pics or it didn't happen," I said. "Yes, the 'wife her up' tweet is a good start. But I need photographic evidence."

WELL, ask and ye shall receive: Just last weekend, Taylor and Matthews hung out in Las Vegas (Electric Daisy Carnival, duh) and documented their time together on Instagram and Twitter. And all of the captions point to romance being in the misty, glittery Vegas club air.

So, who is Taylor's gal pal? Matthews lives in Vegas (she is the Hyde Bellagio Event and Logistics Manager), she and Taylor remained friends post-breakup, and yes, she's the ex he introduced to Dickman back in April. The ex who told Radar Online she was “happy for [Dickman and Taylor]."

I will do a backflip if Dickman tells Radar she's happy for Matthews and Taylor. (That's a huge promise, as I can barely land a cartwheel.)

Eh, I sincerely doubt I'll have to attempt a backflip any time soon: Dickman stopped posting Taylor-y photos on Instagram after the April Vegas trip. AND! Taylor deleted every photo of Dickman from that weekend. WHOA. Why'd he do that? Was that trip the last Dickman/Taylor hurrah? To think I looked forward to Dickman and Taylor being the greatest romance of the twenty-first century. Clearly, I got ahead of myself.

Here are Taylor and Matthews' tweets and pics from the weekend. Disclaimer: They're mushier than applesauce.

That kissy face emoji is really all the evidence I need, but I won't stop here.

"My girl crush everyday." LOOK AT THAT BODY LANGUAGE.

Heart eye emojis?!?! A "lucky guy"?!?!? HMMM.

Same pic, different caption:


Wait. What's that, Instagram user justdance_02? Matthews posted this pic 11 weeks ago?

GREAT SLEUTHING, justdance_02.

I'm curious as to why Taylor shared an old pic of Matthews while he was hanging out with her. He couldn't get a fresh photo? Hm. Perhaps this happens to be his favorite pic of Matthews and now that he and Dickman are donezo, he's free to 'gram and tweet it to his heart's content. DID TAYLOR SAVE THIS PIC IN HIS PHONE THREE MONTHS AGO? WAS HE ITCHING TO SHARE IT?! Okay. I could write 800 words about this, but I'll cut it short here.

That collage. Those emojis. I mean...


I need all of the Taylor/Dickman/Matthews stuff to be a part of Season 3. It has to be, right?!?! I am already dancing in my chair out of excitement. AUGH I LIVE FOR THIS SHOW.

Images: tiffanymatt/Instagram (2); mrjaxtaylor/Instagram (3)