Icona Pop's New Single "Get Lost" Is Super Catchy But Totally Predictable — LISTEN

On Monday, Icona Pop premiered their brand new single “Get Lost” on Swedish radio, and it’s super duper catchy — but is that enough? Icona Pop, a duo made up of singers Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, burst onto the U.S. music scene in 2013 with their massively successful hit song, “I Love It,” but have struggled since then. With a thumping beat and joyous lyrics about driving all night and leaving “this whole fucked up world behind,” “Get Lost” sounds pretty much exactly how you’d expect a new Icona Pop single to sound — but I think that's part of the duo's problem. Sadly, in a relatively short amount of time, Icona Pop may have become too... predictable.

On “Get Lost’s” first verse, the two women bust out their now trademark shout-singing:

Woke up this morning, blurry eyed

I been working so hard stayin’ alive

Well, I don’t need this shit

No, it won’t be long before I take that money, money and run

I’m gonna take that money, money and run

The rapidly building drums in the background tell us that we’re about to reach the song's explosive sing-along chorus, and what do you know? It arrives just on time:

Let’s get lost

Drive all night

Leave this whole fucked up world behind

Let’s get lost

Drive all night

Leave this whole fucked up world behind

Bill McCay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Instead of actual lyrics on the bridge, the ladies opt for an infectious but totally boring bit of “whoa-oh-oh-oh” action. And then, just like that, the song’s over. Yeah, “Get Lost” clocks in at just under three minutes, which is pretty short — even for a pop song. It’s almost as if Hjelt and Jawo were challenged to write a new song in only 5 minutes, and “Get Lost” was the best thing they could come up with.

It would make sense. In addition to being entirely predictable, the song doesn’t really have much substance to it. The two verses are practically identical and the chorus is just three short phrases repeated. It certainly isn’t as memorable or as quotable as “I Love It” (“You’re from the ‘70s, but I’m a ‘90s bitch” is beyond brilliant).

So, is “Get Lost” a terrible song? No, not at all. It’s inoffensive (well, except for those pesky f-bombs) and really catchy — I just don’t think that’s going to be enough to get Icona Pop back to where they want to be success-wise. At this point, they might need to try out something new. Listen to “Get Lost” via YouTube below.