Prince Wrote a Meme-Inspired Song Proving He's Hipper Than Ever

We need a word for a song that's inspired by a meme. Prince has made it so. In an interview with the Minnesota Star Tribune, Prince says he has a solo album in the works. One of the songs featured on the album: “This Could Be Us.” No, it's not a coincidence. Prince knows what he's doing. It’s a song inspired by the Prince and Apollonia on a motorcycle meme. #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin will be immortalized in song. This is not a drill. This is peak meme.

Apparently, even Prince—the king, er, prince of all that is cool—cannot resist a good meme. Hey, Prince? We're not so different, you and I.

While he did share some songs with the Minnesota Star Tribune, Prince did not reveal the album's release date or its title. The goblin in me sincerely hopes he chooses a meme-y name for the album, too.

Yeah, it'd be hokey as hell, but whatever. I would get a kick out of it. I'm certain others would as well. And if there is anyone on the planet who could get away with a corny meme joke for an album title, it's the guy who can get away with a song inspired by a meme.

Now, I would not suggest he come up with a meme-y album title without offering some ideas:

Grumpy Groovy Cat

Much Proge Yes

Sing All The Things!

Ermahgerd Prehns

Oh, You Didn't Illegally Download This Album? How Noble

Yeah, I broke out the ol' meme generator for this. And yeah, I'm laughing harder than I should be.

Images: realgrumpycat/tumblr; wowdogemuch/tumblr; Allie Brosh (via invisiblebee/tumblr); (2)