LV Facing Accusations of Sexism and Racism

Vogue reports that Louis Vuitton is investigating former employee Chanjira Razzell's accusations of sexism and racism. Razzell claims she was hired as a saleswoman in an effort by Louis Vuitton to attract more Thai customers, and that she received a series of sexual text messages from a coworker. According to Razzell, she was asked to attend a "store approval" interview during her time at Louis Vuitton in which she was asked personal questions about her Thai heritage and name.

Louis Vuitton has declined to comment on the case, saying in a public statement, "We seek to ensure that our practices meet the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect, and, therefore, take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously. We are currently undertaking an investigation into this matter. We are unable to comment on this case while the investigation is ongoing."