Laura Prepon Saw Her 'OITNB' Fate Coming Back In 'That '70s Show' — PHOTO

As the ladies put it in the musical Chicago"He had it comin', he had it comin', he only had himself to blame..." — except substitute the "he' for "she," and make that "she" Laura Prepon because Prepon said something bizarrely ominous on That '70s Show . In fact, Prepon's character Donna had a fear of going somewhere that Prepon (well, a character she plays) would later go ... Prison.

Donna once commented that she didn't want to go to a girl prison, and where is Prepon now? In prison — as Alex Vause, that is. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Vause is such a seminal character in the binge-watch-inducing Netflix series, and Laura Prepon does such a good job playing the prisoner with the best eyeliner (sorry, Flaca). Even better? She'll be coming back for Season 3 as a full-time character.

It's funny to see this little connection between Prepon's most-famous characters. Weird, right? Did the OITNB producers recall that episode, and decide to give it a hat tip? The only thing that would be weirder would be if there was a scene in which Alex was watching That '70s Show... that would be super meta.

So here's a special shout-out to the Internet for pointing out this bizarre coincidence. And while we're giving shout-outs, here's another shout-out to Prepon, for her ability to rock many shades of the hair color rainbow.

Image: Imgur