Dakota Fanning Gets Seduced by Kevin Kline in This Fall's 'The Last of Robin Hood' — VIDEO

Alright, Dakota Fanning, we get it: you're no longer a child star. You're dating a 32-year-old, acting in movies about losing your virginity, and generally looking a lot more grown-up than you did back in the days of War of the Worlds and Charlotte's Web. But did you have to go starring in The Last of Robin Hood , where you play a teenager seduced by Kevin Kline? There's expanding your image, and then there's messing with the minds of all your fans who still think of you as the 10-year-old from Uptown Girls.

Of course, we kid. Robin Hood, a drama about the final days of '30s actor Errol Flynn based on Florence Aadland's 1961 memoir book, looks like a genuinely good movie, and Fanning seems perfectly cast as the real-life chorus girl who began an affair with the Hollywood superstar. The trailer, released on Tuesday, shows Fanning's Beverly as a sweet, nervous teenager who gets sucked into the chaotic, hard-partying world of Kline's Errol, a legendary actor known best as the title character in 1938's The Adventures of Robin Hood. With Beverly's seduction, a too-supportive mom (Susan Sarandon), and the period piece clothing, the film seems reminiscent of 2012's An Education, in all the best ways.

As its name implies, the movie focuses on the final days in the life of Flynn, who famously died at 50 of a pulmonary embolism, and the controversial relationships he had with young women, some of whom accused him of statutory rape. It's fascinating subject matter, and even just from the trailer, it's clear that Kline's Errol is one of his strongest performances in years. Plus, with a supporting cast that includes Fanning, Sarandon, and Mad Men's Bryan Batt? Robin Hood looks certain to be one of the must-see movies coming out this fall.

Check out its trailer below:


Image: Samuel Goldwyn Films