Aaron Paul Now Looks Nothing Like Aaron Paul & It's Extremely Unsettling — PHOTOS

After being forced to sport a certain look ten months out of the year for a TV show it's understandable that an actor might crave a change in appearance the moment he/she is given the okay. Jon Hamm grows a beard, Ariel Winter wears dresses, Kerry Washington takes off that white coat — small differences, sure, but enough to make it clear that actors and their characters are totally different people. Sometimes, though, the changes go too far, and totally mess with our minds — such as when Breaking Bad 's Aaron Paul debuted Instagram photos on Tuesday of him looking more unlike Jesse Pinkman than we'd ever thought possible.

In the photos, Paul shows off a brand-new haircut, brown locks that are close-cropped except for a strange, flipped bang-like thing that's too confusing to properly describe. In one picture, he sort of resembles Phoebe's brother on Friends; in the other, he looks like he could be an odd, if more pleasant, henchman of Jack's in Breaking Bad. Either way, it's not a great look, but thankfully, it seems to be temporary. Paul is currently filming Triple Nine , a crime drama also starring Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet, and it appears that his new hair style is a requirement of the role. Thank goodness, because although it certainly isn't the worst haircut we've ever seen, any Paul look that doesn't make us immediately want to give Jesse Pinkman a hug isn't something we could ever get around to liking.

Check out the photos of Paul's new, unsettling hair:

And, although he quickly deleted it, a screenshot of his plea to his fans who might've taken his new look a bit too seriously (who, us?):

Images: glassofwhiskey/Instagram