Kaley Cuoco Isn't Pregnant But She Wants You to Get Excited About Her Future Babies Now

“Prengancy” and “crop top” are two thoughts that typically don’t inhabit the same sentence, but leave it to Kaley Cuoco to achieve the impossible. In a recent interview with E! Online, Kaley Cuoco said she’s trying to get pregnant. Well, it's more like she very strongly hinted at it. She clued us in on her family planning by saying that her crop top wearing days are numbered. Essentially, she will divide her life into two stages. Much like “before the common era” and “common era”, her existence will be split into: “before crop tops and babies” and “after crop tops and babies.” Is she maybe jumping the gun just a little bit?

28-year-old Cuoco-Sweeting has been candid about her desire to start a family with husband Ryan Sweeting for a while, and “can’t wait to have kids.” Recently, The Big Bang Theory actress chatted with Ali Fedotowsky of E! Online about fashion, family planning, and haircuts. Fedotowsky noted that the actress has been rather into the half-shirt recently, to which she replied: “I’m trying to get those crop tops in before the day comes when I’m pregnant.” While she claims not to be pregnant at the moment, she says she is ready to have a baby. How is she prepping for motherhood? Animal and plant husbandry, of course! Cuoco-Sweeting says in the interview, which takes place in her bustling farm:

Woah, she just went there! All three of those life forms definitely need different things to be kept alive. While I can’t say this is exactly how I gauge my own parental capabilities, I’m also not the IRL version of Jenna Maroney. I’m sure Kaley has thought this through, but talking so hopefully about the ease of raising a chid so early can set someone up for disappointment. It’s important that she knows what she wants and that she’s going for it. Still, cautious optimism seems like it’s the mindset to have for family planning. As for the crop tops, sure, go for it, girl! If you really see babies and crop tops as mutually exclusive, better wear 'em while you can.