Adam Levine Never Apologized to His Exes, But He Wishes He'd Thought Of It

When we first heard that Adam Levine was apologizing to his exes for, you know, being Adam Levine and not being with them anymore, we universally agreed that this was a pretty crappy thing to do. After all, Adam Levine is engaged to Behati Prinsloo at the moment, which was his whole catalyst for the apologies. In the best case scenario, the exes he called up were in loving relationships of their own and wouldn't care about his apology. In the worst case scenario, they had just gotten out of a bad relationship or were bitter about not being in one and Levine was calling to rub salt in their wounds. Thankfully, Levine says he never called his exes to apologize and has no idea where that story came from — but he kind of wishes that he'd done that.

"It sounds like a fantastic idea, and that was what was so weird about it too," said Levine in an interview with Howard Stern. "The angle on it was that it wasn't totally cool to have done that. I kinda wish I had done that. It would've been really nice."

It figures that Adam Levine would approve of the fictitious actions he was being criticized for in an article. I suppose he's focusing more on finally apologizing for all of his wrongdoing or missteps that led to the relationships not working out and focusing less on the fact that he's basically bragging to his exes that he's happy now and not with them. In fact, the more that Levine thought about the whole situation, the more it began to sink in that this wasn't a nice thing to do to anyone at all ever.

"It's so selfish and arrogant to call," he went on to say. "'Sorry, it didn't work out between us because you weren't good enough for me.' It's kinda f**ked up to do that actually."

While E! News confirmed with "an insider" that Levine did at least email ex Nina Agdal to apologize, overall it appears that Adam Levine isn't as arrogant or selfish as we all easily thought he was. In fact, when even Adam Levine is appalled by the idea of apologizing to his exes because he's happy now without them, you know the idea's a really bad one. Then again, perhaps it says more about what a bad idea it is that Levine initially approved.

Levine and Prinsloo will be married at Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos on July 19 and then fly to Prinsloo’s home in South Africa for their honeymoon. In light of all this, how long will it be until we hear news that Levine invited all his exes to their wedding?

Image: Tumblr