Begin Again’s Keira Knightley Is Actually a Really Good Singer — VIDEO

Once director John Carney is taking Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo out for a musical spin in the upcoming film Begin Again — not necessarily something you'd expect from the Hulk and Elizabeth Swann. Ruffalo's part doesn't rely on his singing talents, but Knightley's does and from what we've heard so far the she's not half bad. Vulture got an exclusive peek at Keira Knightley's singing talents in Begin Again in the form of a lyric video for the film's song "Lost Stars" and it shows Knightley's got what it takes to pull off this soundtrack. Knightley's character in Begin Again (previously titled Can a Song Save Your Life?) is Greta, a woman who's reeling from a breakup with her longtime boyfriend (Adam Levine) when a disgraced record exec (Ruffalo) discovers her. Deeply sincere collaborations (and probably love!) ensue.

We got a glimpse of Knightley's singing voice in the trailer for the movie, but this is the first time we're hearing an entire song. In terms of musical fare it may be too whimsical and with a bit too much animal and universe imagery (lions kissing lambs, galaxies, etc.), but I've gotta be honest: I'm digging it.

Interscope Records on YouTube

Sounds pretty good, right? And here's the trailer, for those of you who missed it:

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Image: The Weinstein Company