11 Ariana Grande Outfits That Prove She Can Ditch the Tween Look For Something Seriously Sexy

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I've never been a huge fan of all those tween Disney and Nickelodeon stars (sorry, Hannah Montana, you were not my cup of tea), but there's something so endearing about Ariana Grande that makes her my one and only exception. Maybe it's the fact that her hair always looks ridiculously perfect or that she has the power to revive every '90s kid's favorite TV show, TRL , but there's something about this pretty, pint-sized star that really draws you in. And though she's become associated with a sweet and twee image over the years — thanks primarily to all the school-girl, knee-high socks; floral-print ensembles; and those pigtails she used to rock everywhere — there are the rare occasions when she ditches that Nickelodeon tween image and turns up the sex appeal both on the red carpet and on the stage. So in honor of the pop star's 21st birthday, let's take a look at 11 times she looked totally hot (and not one bit sweet).

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