One Direction On 'Sesame Street' Teaches Youths the Alphabet With Boy Band Charm — VIDEO

Boy bands are known for a couple of things: Strategically coordinated outfits, a crapton of harmonies, and a large tweeny audience. The biggest boy band of now seems to be taking their teenybopper outreach to a whole new level of late: One Direction went on Sesame Street recently to sing the alphabet at a vast audience of young'uns.

Sadly, Kristen-Wiig-as-Harry-Styles was not present for the appearance, but Harry Styles himself was, so we guess that'll work. Styles sang alongside bandmate Liam Payne after puppet/Ernie life partner Bert challenged them to prove they do in fact know their ABCs. Turn out they do, mostly!

For those who just can't get enough of the British boy banders and their sloppy hair, there's also a second video that actually features the whole band. Is this appearance penance for videotaping themselves smoking weed? Is it just a public service to put Harry Styles as many places as possible so that the world may marvel at his hair? Who knows.

The video that features the whole band, it should be noted, it woefully short all but one letter of the alphabet. They focus on the letter "U," probably because it goes along with that whole "What Makes You Beautiful" thing and opens it up for everyone to imagine that they are, in fact, singing about you.

We still stand by the fact that Kristen Wiig is the best One Directioner.

Sesame Street on YouTube

And all together now:

Sesame Street on YouTube

Image: PBS