Anderson Cooper Gets the Giggles On Air... Again — VIDEO

With the exception of Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson giggle on Parks and Recreation, the celebrity with the best on-screen chuckle is Anderson Cooper. The CNN anchor experienced yet another on-air giggle fit during his "RidicuList" segment during Tuesday's episode of Anderson Cooper 360 regarding the guy-stuck-in-vagina-sculpture story that made caused snickering the world over. As you'll recall, an American student got himself wedged in a giant sculpture of a vagina in Southern Germany and Cooper had a hard time keeping it together when reporting the story.

After initially snickering at the word "vagina," Cooper assured viewers that he wasn't mocking women or their anatomy, rather the dude who became very familiar with a sculpture of said anatomy. But the real thing that made Cooper break was, well, himself. The 47-year-old started to laugh when he said, "I'm certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas, artistic or otherwise. They really aren't in my wheelhouse, so to speak." Zing!

He began to compose himself, until he said "I know enough to know you're not supposed to go in feet first. Alright there, fella?" Cooper cracks a few more times during the segment, like when he gets to the detail about how it took 22 firefighters to get the guy out. Professionalism, schmofessionalism, this story is pretty much guaranteed to make the even the most composed person cackle. Plus, Anderson Cooper is a delight. Watch:


Here's the one that started it all:

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Yet another glorious chapter in the ongoing saga of Anderson Cooper Gets the Giggles. (Heh. Dyngus.)

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