Ian Somerhalder Wants Luis Suarez On 'The Vampire Diaries' — PHOTO

Take a bite out of this. Everyone's jumping on Uruguay's Luis Suarez's big bite during Tuesday's World Cup game against Italy — even The CW's The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore himself, Ian Somerhalder, Instagrammed the perfect TVD Suarez meme and now we all know that if this soccer thing doesn't work out, Suarez can find a home in Mystic Falls. Somerhalder's meme joins the ranks of the Internet's reaction to Suarez's hangry moment and McDonald's and Snickers tweeting about feeding the Uruguay player. I mean, he's already got the taste for blood — joining the TVD cast makes perfect sense.

On Tuesday night, Somerhalder tweeted and posted on his Instagram account possibly the greatest meme to come out of Suarez's FIFA World Cup 2014 controversy. The photo, which features Somerhalder holding a bloody soccer ball in the shape of a heart features Suarez, complete with fangs, going in for a bite of Damon Salvatore's right shoulder. And, well, the soccer player looks pretty great with fangs. Also on the photo is the tagline, "Give in to your appetite." So, bravo, Ian Somerhalder because you just won the World Cup.

Somerhalder captioned the photo: "Umm.. Apparently there's a new cast member joining@vampirediaries@luis16suarez!! #WorldCup2014#LuisSuarez #IanSomerhalder." Obviously there's no word from Suarez as to whether or not he'll actually join the show — but we can dream, right?

See the photo here:

Image: IanSomerhalder/Instagram