Seth Rogen's Response to North Korea Should Shut Them Up for Good

Wednesday was a pretty special day for historians. They were forced to realize that Seth Rogen and James Franco's names might someday have a place in textbooks near Franz Ferdinand's — that is to say, in the "catalysts for war" section. North Korea claimed that Rogen and Franco's The Interview was an "act of war," but fear not — Seth Rogen has a response for North Korea. No, it's not via a legal document or sent by an official government staff member. It's via Twitter, and true to his signature style, he's pretty jocular about the whole thing.

In case you missed it, Kim Jong-un denounced The Interview , since it is, after all, a movie that makes fun of the Korean leader, and has a plot that involves assassinating him. Kim Jong-un and Seth Rogen obviously do not have similar senses of humor — in case we all forgot, it's a comedy movie, not a war documentary!

But when North Korea declared that Rogen's intentions were indicative of war — and that they would respond mercilessly — instead of running for cover or offering an olive branch, Rogen tweeted these words (which, surely, will make history textbooks never the same again — "Twitter war ensues!"):

Hiyooooo indeed. (And usually, folks forgive him when he releases something like This Is The End or Neighbors.)

As for now? We just have to wonder if Kim Jong-Un & Co. have a joke to launch back at Rogen. Eh... probably not.