'Forrest Gump' Gets the Video Game Treatment & Yes, It's About Running

The last time you watched Forrest Gump (or quoted it, since that probably happens more frequently), did you find yourself thinking, "Oh, man. This would be an AWESOME game. Running equals fun!" Well guess what? There is a Forrest Gump game and it is about running. Also, it's titled the predictable, Run Forrest Run. What? You thought it would be about meeting important historical figure and gaining points for how much you significantly affect these folks? Or did you think it would be about shrimp? (Dammit, I want a shrimp game now.)

Nope, this game simply involves running because the famous line "Run, Forrest! Run!" has a motivational power that few other phrases pack. Personally, I think a Jillian Michaels-esque Forrest Gump workout would be far more appropriate because if someone is yelling at you, then you'll never stop running! Now there's a marketable idea for ya.

However, the people of the world now have smart phones and are far too lazy to actually run, so they need a game that simulates running. It's like working out, only it's totally not. Mobile developers in New Zealand must have figured this game would be an excellent remedy for that pulling need to simulate exercise.

Consider the game as asinine as Flappy Bird, only with running, and with a really great movie's name attached to it. Great, now they'll soon come out with a Titanic game for iOS in which you have to hold on while trying to "Never let go, Jack."

Don't believe me? Here are some pics from the game, which is only available in New Zealand for the time being.

On the bright side, the 17-year-old kids playing this game will probably incidentally end up watching an awesome movie that they might not have seen before. On the scary side, those same 17-year-old kids might not watch the movie, and Forrest Gump will only exist in their brains as a GAME ON THEIR PHONES.

Image: Paramount