Julian Assange, a Model?! Wikileaks Founder to Make His Runway Debut at London Fashion Week

Wikileaks founder and law-avoider extraordinaire Julian Assange will make his modeling debut at London Fashion Week this September. He'll walk the runway for Vivienne Westwood's son Ben Westwood at a fashion show staged by the Ecuadorean Embassy, where he's been seeking refuge for the past two years. Assange is busy avoiding extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning regarding several rape accusations. Obviously, the natural career move following alleged rape should be modeling.

At least, that's what Ben Westwood believes. "Julian’s been in the embassy for two years and it’s important that he doesn’t slip into obscurity," Westwood said. OH YES, we can't have yet another middle-aged white man slip into obscurity. That happens far too often these days. But look, it gets better: "I want to highlight Julian Assange’s plight. What happened to him is totally unfair."

I'm not exactly an expert on Julian Assange's personal life, but the rape accusations against him sound more "unfair" to the women involved then to Assange. According to Gawker, "one of Assange's two accusers claims Assange forcibly held her down while having sex with her; the other claims she woke to find him having sex with her without a condom." True or not true, these accusations should be enough reason not to have Assange star in your runway show.

What's more is that it seems Assange is actually Westwood's muse. Some of the looks are based on Assange's sense of style, which is amusing since the Daily Mail states:

Assange is not known for having any fashion sense. Author Andrew o’Hagan, who was hired to ghost-write his memoirs before falling out with him, noted how Assange wore suit trousers over a pair of Tesco tracksuit bottoms.
Which might explain his appeal to Ben’s mother Vivienne, who was an early supporter of Assange and designed an ‘I am Julian Assange’ T-shirt with which she closed her London Fashion Show two years ago.

Interesting. Westwood has also revealed that he has one garment with a "Julian print." Which can only mean one thing — Julian print is a bunch of leaked government documents screenprinted onto a dress shirt. Ok, I'm only speculating, but that would be brilliant. One thing, however, is certain: Assange sure is quite the ham for a fugitive.