What Does The Cast Want For Season 3?

Never mind what you want for Christmas, the big question is "What do you want for Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black?" I want Poussey and Taystee to be best friends forever, I want more of Suzanne/Crazy Eyes, and I want Pornstache to grow a full caveman beard while in the clink. But never mind what I want, Orange Is the New Black's cast spoke about Season 3 and what they would like to see happen with MTV news, and it sounds like there's a collective consensus that there needs to be more... singing! (Duh. What I'd give to hear "Pornstache's Lament.")

For instance, Selenis Leyva (Gloria) said,

Wouldn’t it be great to see Pennsatucky lead a sing-along? I would pay money for that. No one would [follow her], but I think it would be funny to see her try to start one. It would have to be something so left field… something not biblical, but she thinks it is.

Now that would be AWESOME. I'd so be down for Pennsatucky leading a rabble-rousing "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette, considering the religious jewelry reference in the song ("the cross I bear").

Danielle Brooks (Taystee) also would be down for some more singing, as she said,

We sing all of the time, I don’t know why we haven’t written it in yet. We sing, and in harmony.

Oh, man. An OINTB musical episode? Yes, please! Hey, Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) was on Broadway in Godspell , and Kimiko Glenn (Soso) was in the Spring Awakening tour, so we know this is a cast that possesses some serious musical aptitude. A musical episode would be AMAZING. And of course, that would mean more of the best fake band ever, Sideboob.

Brooks also mentioned that she always wants Taystee and Poussey to be BFFs again. She said,

It was rough to be torn apart. Any time you go through something like that, it’s not an overnight thing where you say, ‘okay we’re cool, we can put on our Amanda and McKenzie voices and be alright.’ There’s still healing that needs to take place between the two girls.

And Uzo Aduba mentioned she wants to have Crazy Eyes learn to love herself:

I just want her to be able to find her happiness and her place without having to look for it from some outside source. I want her to find her own voice and her own love, and really stand in that.

Oh! Maybe she can finally sing her solo song without breaking down, and then it can morph into a song about self-love in the musical episode that I'm proposing.

While a musical episode may not happen in Season 3 — even if Pablo Schreiber's on board...

...we do know one thing. We're going to have a season full of Alex Vause. Woohoo! More Laura Prepon! That gives us something to look forward to.

Let the countdown until June 2015's Binge Watch-A-Thon begin!

Image: Netflix