Sia's "Big Girls Cry" Is Will Have You Feeling All of the Feelings — LISTEN

Raise your hand if you’re excited for July 8. And no, I didn’t mean to type “July 4” (but I am stoked for that holiday, too). The eighth day of July is the day Sia’s highly anticipated album 1000 Forms of Fear will drop. We’ve heard “Chandelier” (UGH CAN’T GET ENOUGH), “Eye of the Needle,” (UGH CAN’T GET ENOUGH, PART TWO), and now there’s a THIRD song for me to not get enough of. Wednesday, Sia hopped on YouTube and surprised fans with yet another jam from the aforementioned to-be-released album. It’s called “Big Girls Cry,” and guess what? “Big Girls Cry” is a great song. Typical Sia. Hitting us with great song after great song. Seriously, How did we get so lucky?!

"Big Girls Cry" is a chill-tempo pro-crying ballad. It's a feelings-fest and Sia's voice is all things captivating and beautiful (per usual). Oof, I can't wait to scream-sing this in my car.

Though I'm terrible at learning lyrics, that's rarely an issue with a Sia song. You can pick up on a few key words and then, as Bustle's Alex Kritselis might say, mush your way through the rest. Sia's magical mush-mouth is in full effect on "Big Girls Cry." And it's fantastic.

Give it a listen:

QUESTION: How long before someone mashes up “Big Girls Cry” with Fergie’s blanket anthem “Big Girls Don’t Cry”?