Iggy Azalea's 'The New Classic' is Brand New So Why is the "Fancy" Singer Re-Releasing it?

Iggy Azalea's debut album is basically still in its infant stage considering she only released it a little more than two months ago. For that reason, Azalea's plan to re-release The New Classic in September might have more than a few people asking, why so soon? Consider this- not only is she waiting until the seasons change, but the revamped album will reportedly feature an additional five to six new songs. Even though a re-release might seem like a premature move, there are definitely reasons why giving us a new New Classic in the next few months makes sense.

There's the matter of Azalea's growing popularity, which is something she should definitely use to her advantage. Her single "Fancy" appears to have made a home for itself, landing at the top of the Billboard charts for the fifth week in a row. Also, she holds the top two spots on the Hot 100 charts, a feat also owed to "Fancy" and Azalea's feature on Ariana Grande's "Problem." Her successful run hasn't slowed yet, so this re-release can only serve to fuel her momentum.

Also, September is soon enough that people haven't grown tired of the original Classic songs, but they may start to wonder what else she has to offer. The new tracks can hold them over until her next official album. If they're anything like these awesome Iggy Azalea songs, they may give anyone who hasn't bought the album a little extra incentive to do just that. Azalea fans waited patiently for the release of The New Classic , which saw its share of setbacks, so perhaps her supporters will receive the re-release as a show of gratitude.

Most certainly, the re-release is a business strategy, one that Azalea hardly invented. We've seen re-releases from artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lana Del Rey, among others, and it wasn't exactly a career-ending decision. So, is Azalea's move a little bold and risky? Sure, but if nothing, it shows confidence and as any successful artist in the music industry knows, that's half the battle.