We Got Lucky: Daft Punk Are Getting a Documentary

When Daft Punk took the stage at the 2014 Grammys to accept their Best Album of the Year trophy for Random Access Memories, their faces remained cloaked as ever by opaque visors, not even a word to their audience — most of whom probably still had the ubiquitous summer single "Get Lucky" stuck in their heads (as we all have, at least subtly, from the time we first heard it). But then, a few days later, a TMZ photog caught the two unmasked outside Los Angeles International Airport — yes, even mysterious jetsetting robots have to go through security — and afforded us so brief a glimpse, our curiosity only flared. They're just dudes!, the Internet seemed to splutter. Scruffy, sunglass-sporting dudes! Who are they to be responsible for 20 years of infectious electronica? Now, we may at last have an answer: Canal Plus has officially commissioned BBC Worldwide Production France to make a Daft Punk documentary — which, with any luck, will finally provide some insight into the helmet-clad heads of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

The one-hour film, which will air in 2015, is set to start when the French duo formed in the mid-'90s and chronicle their steady rise to the peak of the French — and, subsequently, the worldwide — DJ stage. With luck, it'll be more than just a simple exposé; judging by their May, 2013 Rolling Stone cover story, the duo have some pretty interesting tales to tell, including the reasoning behind the unflagging disguise, for which they cite influences such as "Kraftwerk and [David Bowie's '70s character] Ziggy Stardust and Kiss; people thought the helmets were marketing or something, but for us it was sci-fi glam."

Plus, before all of the synth and pageantry, the two were originally in a garage-y rock band called Darlin' — listen below and hear the nascent glimmers of that "catchy though lyricless" vibe, dressed up in distortion and electric guitar riffs:

And, in closing, one more time — just in case you haven't put it on already: