He's Trying Too Hard to be Bad

by Laura Rosenfeld

Every reality show needs to have a villain, and for Season 16 of Big Brother , it looks like houseguest Zach Rance has already appointed himself into that role. When we met Rance during the second part of the season premiere on Thursday night, I knew he was going to be trouble. The attitude, the smirk, and the golf course backdrop all just screamed "smarmy ass" to me. And then he had to open his mouth and affirm my initial feeling that I wouldn't like this guy. His official bio on CBS.com also says he is "a self-described 'con artist.'" What is that supposed to mean?

In Rance's little introduction, he said he wasn't looking to make friends in the house and that he only cared about himself. He then repeated a variation of this once he actually entered the house. With that attitude, Rance is certainly not going to be everyone's bestie. I don't know how many other reality show contestants have had this sort of credo in mind when entering a competition, but it has to be a lot, and by now they should all realize that you've got to at least pretend to like your fellow competitors. It's difficult to get ahead when you have absolutely no one on your side, so Rance may want to rethink this strategy.

Since Rance isn't looking to make any friends, he didn't waste any time in taking the opportunity to piss off a fellow houseguest. And at that moment, he chose probably the worst houseguest to make angry: Frankie Grande.

Not only is Grande one of the Head of Households this week, but he also seems like the kind of guy who doesn't take any crap from anyone. Upon learning what high school Grande attended, Rance immediately threw some shade saying he knows what kind of kids go there, and he didn't say it like it was a good thing. Rance also said he was waiting for Grande to act like a real Broadway person, letting out a high note to imply that Grande would be obnoxiously singing all the time. We already know Grande is very theatrical and will probably be dancing and singing around the house, but that doesn't give Rance the right to make fun of the guy's career and pre-suppose how he's going to act. Not cool, dude.

Time will tell if Rance has mastered the art of manipulation enough to join the ranks of the Big Brother contestants we love to hate most, such as Dr. Will, "Evel" Dick, and Alison. However, Rance told Zap2it that his strategy going into the game would be to "make every houseguest love me and they're not going to want to send me home." Um, what? If that's your intention, Rance, you're doing the exact opposite.

Images: CBS; bricesander/Tumblr