Her Baby Daughter Is Healthy, Happy, and Adorable

It's only been about a week since we had some baby mama drama on Return to Amish , so I think it's about time we had another birth on the show, don't you? On Sunday night's episode, this season's other mom-to-be, Sabrina, will give birth in what looks like will be a nice, relaxing, and joyous occasion. Well, one out of three ain't bad, at least.

Being pregnant is never easy, but it was especially difficult for Sabrina, who grew up in a strict Mennonite household. When her family found out she was having a child out of wedlock, they stopped speaking to her, called her a "whore," and referred to her unborn baby as "a disappointment," according to Sabrina. Going through all of the changes pregnancy brings has not only been emotionally devastating for Sabrina, but she also was really unprepared for it all (more so than first-time parents usually are) with virtually no sex-ed growing up. Luckily, Sabrina's doctor, Mary, and good old Google were there to help answer her burning questions about pregnancy, such as how "floppy" her vagina will be after she gives birth and whether or not her dog can tell if she's pregnant.

Well, it all seems to have turned out just fine as Sabrina gave birth to a lovely baby girl, Oakley Lelia, on March 21. But whether you know it firsthand or have just heard it from others, having a baby pretty much changes your life completely. So how are Sabrina and baby doing since Return to Amish finished filming? Here's what you need to know about Sabrina's new life now.

She's Never Been Happier

For the three years we've known Sabrina, her life has been filled with many hardships, from leaving her Mennonite upbringing to searching for her birth parents to now having a child on her own. But the birth of Oakley has seemed to give Sabrina a new, more positive outlook on life. "I've honestly never been so happy," she wrote in a status update on April 23 on her Facebook page. "It is amazing how the love of an innocent, sweet child can bring the hearts of a man and woman together like they've never been before."

She's in Love... Sort Of

In that same post mentioned above, Sabrina wrote, "I love you Harry and thank you for helping me learn to love again," referring to Oakley's father and Sabrina's on-again, off-again boyfriend Harry Kreiser. So things seem to be going pretty well for the couple now, after all. Well, except for the fact that Sabrina's "About" page says she is single and that she is interested in women.

She Loves Posting Photos of Her Baby

Sabrina may not have known too much about the pregnancy process, but someone tipped her off to the fact that new parents religiously post photos of their kids to social media, much to the chagrin of their friends without children. But, Oakley is extremely cute, so we don't blame Sabrina for wanting to show her off to the rest of the world.

She's Proud of Her Pregnancy Weight

Sabrina posted a long status update on her Facebook page chastising her haters for criticizing how she looked while she was pregnant. In the post, she opened up about her battle with anorexia in the past and losing weight the healthy way, but still receiving false accusations about how she did it. "Moral of the story is you cant [sic] please everyone so dont waste your time tryin just work on making YOU happy," Sabrina wrote in the May 5 post. Amen.

She Still Defends her Return to Amish Family

Sabrina came to the defense of her friend and fellow Return to Amish cast member Chapel after some people accused her of fabricating her cancer diagnosis. The June 24 Facebook status update verged on a rant, but it was still a nice gesture of support for her friend.

She Still Feuds with Jeremiah

During the season premiere of Return to Amish on June 1, Jeremiah tweeted about his relief in finding out from Sabrina that the baby wasn't his. In the response above, Sabrina cleverly used Jeremiah's own catchphrase of sorts, "Do your freakin' homework," to throw some sass right back at him. It's nice to see that some things never change.

Images: TLC, sabrina_leila/Twitter