What the Hell is Going On Here?

It seems Miley Cyrus was at the club, ya know, wearing a tutu and just being Miley. And then, who should come along but the man of her dreams: a seriously frightening giant baby. So the obvious answer was to make out with it, even though, looking at the picture, she's more just licking its face than anything else.

Err... What? Miley, why the fuck are you making out with men dressed as murderous babies when you could be home making out with Liam Hemsworth? Must you have everything, woman?

Also, can we talk about how this is the second "Miley makes out with an inanimate face" moment? Because it is. She made out with a life-size Barbie in her video for "We Can't Stop" and now she grabbed this man-baby and ate his entire lower face because, hey, it's Miley, and she can't stop. She won't stop! But, after seeing this horrifying picture, we wish Cyrus would stop.