She Connects 'True Blood' To 'Glee'

The lone-surviving faery daughter of Sheriff Bellefleur is a character to watch. With its final season upon us, True Blood 's Season 7 premiere set us up with something great: a noteworthy performance by Bailey Noble. In case you haven't noticed Andy Bellefleur's fae daughter, Adilyn-Braylynn-Sharlaine-Danica, you should take note of her right now because all signs are pointing to Noble's character becoming a series regular in the HBO series' final season. No, I'm not talking about getting familiar what her feet look like (God, the Internet is a weird place) — the 23-year-old actress might single-handedly make Season 7 bearable and emotionally captivating with her complicated friendship with Deborah Ann Woll's vampire Jessica. And that's great news for True Blood fans.

Noble's performance during Sunday night's premiere "Jesus Gonna Be Here" (and every scene since she joined the series as Faery Girl #4, for that matter) have been a breath of fresh air, even if her character's story was kind of a lame add-on for Andy during Season 6. But since Bill and Jess massacred her three sisters and left her as Andy's sole offspring, True Blood threw her a well-deserved bone.

So what do you need to know about the actress that might be True Blood's new breakout star? Here's nine things about Bailey Noble that are completely un-Bon Temps (okay, maybe except for the foot thing).

Her Top Google Search Is About Her Feet

C'mon, people, really? Can't a girl wear open-toed shoes or walk around barefoot in peace? Like fellow HBO star, Liv Tyler ( The Leftovers ), whose feet the Internet apparently loves above all, Bailey Noble has her own Wikifeet page. Is that how you know you've made it in Hollywood these days — if your feet are an Internet obsession?

She Was A Prom Queen

According to Noble's IMDB bio, she was named prom queen during her senior year at Saucon Valley High School in Pennsylvania.

She's Breathed Lea Michele's Air

On her IMDB page, Noble is listed as Bunhead #2 for her role on Glee Season 4's "The Makeover." Where, I'm assuming, she played a ballerina in one of Rachel Berry's NYADA dance classes. The actress also appeared in one episode of the 90210 reboot on The CW as Helen. She gets around.

She Can Do A Headstand

And she's already mastered the art of Gisele Bündchen's yoga-grams. #namaste

She's Taken The Best Selfie Of All Time

If you haven't done this, you're doing your selfies all wrong.

She Could Take You Scuba Diving

According to Noble's resumé, she's a certified scuba diver. How cool is that? The actress also skis, waterskis, and rides horses.

She's A Pinterest Girl

I mean, those homemade chocolate-covered pretzels are Pinterest gold. Noble also has a pretty extensive collection of Pinterest boards if you're interested in finding out what her dream wedding would look like.

She's Got Some Sick Dance Moves

On Wednesday, indie band Animal Years released their new video, "Forget What They're Telling You," which features Noble dressed to the '70s nines and seriously grooving alone in a house. We know who we're inviting to the club this weekend.

FOX News Compared Adilyn To Prince George Last Summer

And Noble got pretty excited about it — I mean, having four names and being the child of someone in government is enough to make them the same person, right?

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