Seth + 'Reading Rainbow' = Love

Seth MacFarlane: lover of expletives, musical theater aficionado, emitter of testosterone, and... promoter of literacy? You better believe it, all my butterflies in the sky! The Associated Press reports that Seth MacFarlane has promised to match up to $1 million in pledges for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. For every dollar you spend, MacFarlane will do the same. Damn. That's a lot of dedication to bringing back the show, which ran from 1983 to 2006 and inspired many children to read.

MacFarlane set out to aid his pal LeVar Burton, and by doing so, is making a huge difference. The Kickstarter has until July 2 to meet its goal, and even though the campaign already reached its original goal of $1 million, Burton said that the project needs a cool $5 million in order to be truly successful. But he's not too far off! So far, he has raised over $4 million via the donations of over 83,000 contributors, but that last less-than-a-million could make it or break it for Burton and the resuscitated Reading Rainbow. Enter MacFarlane, who will make sure that Burton's project comes to realization.

And while it's easy to crack a joke and say that you can just see it already — a Family Guy episode in which Stewie learns to read from Reading Rainbow — we should also pause and realize that Seth MacFarlane is now more than just the man behind raunchy (albeit funny at times) comedies like A Million Ways To Die in The West and Ted. He's now a man behind one of the most beloved shows about literacy. Who would have thought.