Really, Frankie? That's All You Could Do?

Frankie Grande is the obvious shoe-in for the fan favorite on Season 16 of Big Brothe r. His sister is none other than pop star Ariana Grande, and these two are the tightest of siblings. On Thursday's episode, we saw a listless Frankie bemoaning the fact he couldn't celebrate Ariana's birthday because he was trapped (TRAPPED I TELL YOU!) inside of the Big Brother house. Sure, it stinks to be cut off from the outside world, especially when it comes to important days with the ones you love. But this is Big Brother , Frankie, and you knew what you signed up for!

Despite his ho-humming about the house, clutching Jocasta and sighing, "Today was my sister's birthday and I couldn't even be there with her," Frankie did manage to give his sis a little shout-out. While making a heart with his hands, Frankie turned to one of the cameras and mouthed, "Happy birthday Ari. I love you." Awwww! Isn't that cuuuuuute? But c'mon Frankie! You're on national television and your sister is SUPER famous. If you really want to win America's vote, you've got to try just a little harder than that to celebrate Ariana's b-day.

Here's how Frankie wished his sister a happy birthday:

Here's how I think he could have done it bigger and better:

Choreograph a dance!

It's all the rage with groomsmen these days! And, as we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Give us your spin on "Problem" and make the rest of the insane Big Brother cast your back-up dancers.

Use the "Outdoor" Space

And spell out something sweet with objects from around the Big Brother house... like all of those cleaning supplies that probably never get used!

Sabotage the Confessional

Use your time with the one-on-one camera to wish your sis a happy birthday.

Sabotage the whole house!

Oh, there's a fight going on between cast mates? Shout "IT'S MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY, THERE MUST BE PEACE!" into the heavens and see what happens.

Camera-Bomb an entire episode

Make a "Happy Birthday Ari!" banner and run behind everyone else's camera time. It's your sister's Big Brother birthday and you can steal the spotlight if you want to!

Images: ariana-glory/adrenalinegnome/arianasdimplesbitch/daliathedork/Tumblr