Abigail Breslin Is Unrecognizable at 17 Years Old

It's been some time since she's headlined a surefire hit in Hollywood, but, at one point, this young actress was one of the most recognizable young stars in the industry. Heck, she was even nominated for her work in a beloved 2006 indie film.

But who is this? I know your answer might gravitate towards a young Hayden Panettiere who stole a wig right off of a real housewife, but you'd be wrong. This actress is, in fact, Little Miss Sunshine Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin.

That's right, Abigail Breslin. The young, rambunctious tot who won us over in the aforementioned indie hit, Signs, and Zombieland. But, clearly, Breslin is a little girl no more — but she's still reaping some of the benefits. The 17-year-old rocked the ensemble above while accepting Variety's Power of Youth generationOn Award.

Looking at Breslin above, how has it been only seven years since she looked like below?

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Image: Fox Searchlight